Subsidy Scheme

for Indigenous, Student and Carer Delegates

Are subsidies available to attend the Conference?

The Australian Archaeological Association 2023 Conference will offer a limited number of subsidies to Indigenous delegates, Student-member participants, and those with caregiver responsibilities. The scheme aims to encourage greater levels of Indigenous and Student participation in the Conference and to support the participation of delegates with carer responsibilities.

Funds are available to offset the expenses associated with registration, travel, and accommodation. Additionally, delegates with caregiving responsibilities may seek financial assistance to cover the costs of engaging an adult (who is not registered for the Conference) to aid with caregiving tasks. This provision is intended to enable delegates to fully engage with and benefit from the comprehensive conference experience.

How much can I apply for?

The amount of funding available in the Subsidy Scheme varies from year-to-year, based on the Conference budget and the amount of sponsorship received.

For 2023, the Committee has determined that the maximum travel stipend will be based on the straight-line distance from the Conference venue, using the registration postcode. This decision considers the location’s accessibility and accommodation options. Exceptions can be requested in writing at the time of submission.

Delegate Category Registration Fee Travel Stipend Total Subsidy Amount
Indigenous Delegate $200 $150^ - $650* $350^ - $850*
Student Delegate $200 $150^ - $650* $350^ - $850*
Carer $200^ - $850* $200^ - $850*
^ Minimum Funding Available * Maximum Funding Available based on distance from registered postcode to Conference venue
  • For Indigenous and Student delegates, the cost of registration is covered as part of the full subsidy amount.
  • A subsidy of up to $850 is available to offset the cost of flights and accommodation for a support person accompanying delegates who have carer responsibilities. Delegates with these responsibilities are required to cover their own expenses for registration, flights, and accommodation.

What conditions apply to applications?

  • The Subsidy Scheme should not be applied for in the place of other funding sources available to you for professional development or conference attendance in your community, workplace or university.
  • Student applicants should be current financial members within the
  • Student applicants should provide evidence of current university enrolment at the time of application.
  • Non-Indigenous delegates can apply on behalf of Indigenous delegates.
  • Delegates can apply for only one of the three categories.
  • To be eligible for a subsidy, applicants must be named on a paper, poster, or session to be presented at the Conference or be otherwise engaged in Conference activities.

When can I apply, how will my application be assessed and when will I find out the outcome?

The deadline for application is 24 September 2023 – no late applications will be considered. Applications for subsidies will be considered by the Conference Subcommittee at a special meeting and the outcomes advised by 1 October 2023.

In the evaluation of applications for financial support, the following criteria will be considered:

  • The nature of your engagement at the Conference, such as presenting a paper.
  • The potential advantages that your community or workplace stands to gain through your participation in the Conference.

For Student and Carer recipients, reimbursements will be made by direct bank transfer two business days before the conference begins. This will be done if reasonable evidence is provided to show that accommodation or travel payment has already been made by the delegate. Indigenous delegates will be reimbursed in cash at registration at the Conference by the Conference Manager, unless requested otherwise.

How do I apply?

Applications must be submitted online. Applications submitted via email will not be accepted and therefore not assessed.

For enquiries, please contact Julie Jerbic at or 0402 189 948